Wrong, Joe: You ARE My Enemy

[From Breitbart last night]: Biden says tensions can remain high but we have to remain calm and patient as the votes are counted. He says “democracy works” and “your vote will be counted.” He says the purpose of politics it to solve problems and guarantee justice and give everyone a fair shot instead of endless warfare. He says we may be opponents but not enemies. He says we have to put the “anger and demonization” behind us.

No, Joe. YOU THREATEN EVERY ONE OF MY FREEDOMS AND YOU ARE MY ENEMY. You, your criminal family and cohorts; your deceptive media; all the people behind this absurdly transparent voting fraud; and all the totalitarians you intend to foist upon the freest nation on earth, should you get your way. Go to hell, Joe. I want no part of a country where you are in charge of anything.



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