Why You’re Feeling Uneasy About Tuesday’s Election

If you’re uneasy over the aftermath of the election, even if President Trump wins, here’s why: The Democrats do not consider opposition legitimate. They didn’t impeach and relentlessly attack Trump for four years because they thought he actually lost. They did so because they don’t believe anyone has a right to rule other than themselves. Leftists are territorial. They seek to rule over others. President Trump does not. He wishes to run the government, particularly the military, as his Constitutional duties require. But for the most part, he wants to uphold the Constitution, which was designed to protect and uphold individual rights.

Whether President Trump is ideologically consistent in every last case on individual rights isn’t the point. The point is: Rights-protection is his motive. It’s his premise. And the Democratic motive is the explicit, polar opposite. In words and deed, leftists in America are (at last) consistent. They want to rule–and they feel entitled to rule. If they win the election, they will celebrate the value of the electoral process and then proceed to fully rig that process (as already done in California), so there will never be meaningful opposition again. If they lose, they will attack Trump (and by extension, his supporters) with ten times the force we have already seen. I don’t know exactly what form those attacks will take, but I am certain it will happen.

So if you’re uneasy, even at the prospect of a Trump victory next Tuesday … that’s probably why.



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