Let’s Be Real: America’s Battles Are Only Beginning

A lot of Trump supporters say, “After the election, the virus will no longer be a crisis and the lockdowns will stop.”

I’m not so sure.

The virus isn’t just partisan politics. It certainly was that, in part. Under a Hillary Clinton administration, there would NEVER have been a self-inflicted economic collapse orchestrated in an election year for a virus that doesn’t really kill any more people than the flu.

But it goes beyond power politics. The leftist Democratic Party and the media who blindly supports it want a totalitarian Marxist state. In order to make such a thing happen in America, you must humble and subdue the people. Let’s be real. With that goal in mind, the virus worked. It’s working. Not just in America, but in the entire “free world”. Just yesterday, I read that in New Zealand the government is forcing people into “quarantine camps” if they don’t comply with tracing, and other things the government wants citizens to do. New Zealand is not Communist China. It’s not Venezuela. Quarantine camps? They’re CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Government statists are giddy with power. In America, this means ALL of the Democrats and many of the Republicans, too. The Republican governor of Ohio, I understand, is just as much a controlling nutjob as his cohorts in California and New York. The governor of Texas, I understand, is a weenie who caved in to media pressure to impose mask mandates, and the like.

Once government authorities get power, they will not let it go. I’m not talking about President Trump. But there’s only so much he can do, even if he’s reelected. He can’t make the people DEMAND FREEDOM. He can’t make them unafraid of their totalitarian Democratic bosses, neighbors, children, corporate bigwigs or mayors and Governors. Only the people can make themselves unafraid. Trump would certainly support them. But to date, Republicans and Democrats have, on the whole, submitted to all government edicts and controls without so much as a whimper. Police are being defunded. Manhattan, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland and Chicago are ruined beyond redemption. Lockdowns are in place, and they’re about to be reactivated throughout the U.S., because officials know they can get away with anything.

I get it. Nobody wants to be fined or jailed. And, sadly, nobody wants to be SEEN as non-conforming. But an unwillingness to rock the boat is NOT a recipe for liberty. This is the precise opposite of the psychology that must have prevailed at the time, say, of the American Revolution. Too many people wish not to rock the boat. I wish I had a quarter for every Republican, Trump supporter who says, “I can’t let anyone know I support Trump. I can’t let anyone know I am against the lockdowns. It would anger my Democrat customers. Or my Democrat boss.” I can’t say they’re wrong or irrational, necessarily. They might find that coming out with the truth would be more liberating and empowering than they realize. But it’s hard to persuade people to become martyrs for their cause, even if that cause is their freedom. Unfortunately, once their freedom is all gone, it will be too late to consider such a dilemma.

Regardless of what happens in the election next week (and in its aftermath), leftists have already won the REAL war: the psychological, cultural one. Leftists are in charge, through their grip on the media, on the corporate world, on the entertainment and sports worlds, and on the entire higher and lower educational system. Even if they don’t make up the majority, that’s a hell of an influence. President Trump is the last, loud domino they must knock down before they control everything, merge our once republican system with the Chinese Communist Party, and start us down the road to … Venezuela’s starvation and despair. The middle class will be the first to go. In California, the most leftist part of America, that’s already happening.

We need a different government, for sure. We need different political and economic policies, for sure. Those policies must be as radically right as AOC’s proposals are radically left — massive deregulation, massive privatization, massive tax-cutting, across the board. But first we need a different culture. And if there really is a silent majority, we must ROAR not only on Election Day, but on every day going forward. But the left, we now know, is capable of ANYTHING. I truly believe that. Concentration camps have arrived in New Zealand, although they won’t call them that. I see the same thing for America. Does anyone seriously think President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris, with the backing of Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s Congress, will not give us concentration camps — rationalized by COVID and racism, just to start? Sooner than you think. Many conservatives and Trump supporters don’t see how bad it is. I have always warned of such things, but even I didn’t see how bad it was just a year ago. 2020 has taught me much. They are just getting started.

Start with Election Day, for sure. Without a massive victory for Trump, which includes (in my view) flipping the House and dethroning Nancy Pelosi, we haven’t a chance. But even if we get all that, our battles are only beginning. When your liberty and freedom become personal, not just intellectual, you will feel the drive needed to take on whatever is coming next.



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