Forget November 3. What About November 4?

“You’re only as good as the information you have.” It’s a wise saying. If we apply it to the media in regard to the upcoming election, it’s eye-opening. Take a look at CNN and MSN headlines. “Biden eyes an expanded electoral map”; “Polls show Biden comfortably ahead of Trump, even in red states”; “Democrats plan Cabinet and transition team for the incoming Biden-Harris administration”. You’d think the election was already over. Then take a look at Breitbart, Fox News (sometimes), Fox Business, and the Daily Wire: “Trump pulling ahead of Biden in many swing states”; “Massive crowds for Trump, very small turnouts for Biden”. I will say that the conservative sites, while overtly pro-Republican, are more cautious. The left-wing MSNBC, CNN and those sites really are living in a post-election fantasy.

We have two realities, psychologically and media-wise. But in truth: there is only ONE reality.

Not just on the election, but on everything, particularly since Trump came into office. If you read my posts, chances are you never read or watch CNN, The Washington Post, or the New York Times. Believe me, it’s a difficult undertaking even to glance at the headlines of leftist media outlets if you’re not a leftist. But the truth is still what it is: If you dislike Trump, or if you even consider yourself a “moderate” Democrat, you’re getting TOTALLY DIFFERENT INFORMATION than people on the other side. If you flew in as an intelligent alien from another galaxy, you’d marvel at not just the different ideologies, but the polar opposite version of truth presented by both sides in the election in the most important country on the planet.

Psychology is my field, so I’m looking at this psychologically. After the election, somebody is going to be really, really disappointed. Mass numbers of people — either the Trump supporters, or the Biden supporters — are going to be upset on a level that I don’t believe we’ve ever seen before. Not ever.

Somehow, the country will have to proceed beyond this election, lawsuits/recounts and all, as one country. We’re not like that now. I feel certain we’re going to be even less like this, after Election Day plus whatever upheaval follows. I don’t see President Trump leaving office humbly and quietly, given his legitimate questions about mail-in voting legitimacy; and I don’t see people who voted for Trump shrugging and saying, “Maybe next time.” Does anyone see that happening? Nor do I see it the other way. The reaction to Biden losing will make the four-year-old temper tantrum after Hillary Clinton’s defeat seem like a day at the beach. Does anyone seriously think otherwise? We have every reason to believe there will be unchecked riots, more defunding of police and probably even more brutal lockdowns by Democrats who still control many of the nation’s cities and states.

Married couples with irreconcilable differences divorce. Sometimes they never speak again, and at other times there’s an uneasy though always fragile peace, depending on the circumstances (property, money, kids). I’m not sure that’s a feasible option for America. So what will it look like after the election … regardless of who wins, and by how much?



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