How Can Anyone Say Donald Trump Is Not Presidential?

I am sick of people saying, “President Trump isn’t presidential enough. He doesn’t FEEL like a President when I watch him.”

Oh, really?

He defeated ISIS in his first year of office — after Obama said for 8 years that ISIS was “containable”, at best. He rid the world of the single greatest organizer of terrorism, Iran’s hit man for the last 30 years. Being a competent commander-in-chief IS presidential.

He lowered taxes and regulations, stimulating an economic boom until the media terrified citizens with COVID. Even with COVID, the economy is doing remarkably well, thanks mainly to the earlier boom. Fostering prosperity IS presidential.

He rebuilt the military, partially privatized the Veterans’ health system, and signed historic pacts with Israel. He forced China to at least indirectly acknowledge some of the intellectual property rights violations its Communist government routinely commits. Protecting America’s interests in regard to other countries IS presidential.

Whether you agree with all these policies or not, how can you possibly say President Trump is “not presidential”? He has kept virtually all of his promises, and he’s doing the job he promised to do when he ran.

Instead of saying President Trump is not presidential, you should make your case. “I think we should outlaw fossil fuels. I think taxes should be 70 or even 90 percent of one’s income. I think medicine should be totally socialized, the banks nationalized, and free speech censored on social media and the Internet. I think the police should be defunded and rioting should be permitted, even during COVID, so long as the rioters are left-wing Marxists.” YOU should be defending THESE policies, and explaining why such policies, as advocated by Joe Biden, would be presidential.

Then there’s Joe Biden. He refuses to condemn domestic terrorist thugs who loot and burn down cities, kill police and violently attack Trump supporters for carrying Trump signs or wearing MAGA hats. He supports the governors and mayors — all Democrats — who enable and morally condone these thugs. When asked if he will add justices to the Supreme Court to ensure only one possible outcome — a left-wing outcome — in future decisions by the high court, he refuses to say. When asked if the American people have a right to know before the election, he flatly declares, “No.”

He clearly sold his influence as Vice President, based upon actual texts from his own son’s laptop, to enrich his family’s millions. As he morally condemns honest business people who make a living on the free market for earning “too much”, and promises to raise their taxes sky-high, he smugly keeps his huge wealth to spend on an arrogant lifestyle built on exploitation and illegal abuse of government pull alone.

Yet somehow, we’re supposed to believe that Donald Trump is NOT presidential, and Joe Biden is.

I would ask a Biden supporter to please explain this to me. But all I hear is, “You’re a racist”. So I remain unconvinced.



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