After the Election?

“Just wait until after the election.” Wait–for what? I am not looking forward to the post-election. If Biden wins, I will know America is finally over and a leftist dictatorship is imminent. No options will exist, other than to go underground, arm oneself and prepare for a brave new world. Social media will buckle under to one-party rule, and gladly so. Fleeing is not an option, because the rest of the world is even less free than America; and because of America’s dominance economically, other countries will have to buckle under to the Communist-fascist axis of China, the US, and European collectivists. Eventually that may change, and there may be a haven for freedom-lovers to get to, but that will take a long time. America will be governed like California, and eventually like China. You know the rest.

If Trump wins big and Republicans flip the House, it will be a fabulous victory at first. But the left still dominates the entire cultural, media, corporate and academic worlds. In any society, these matter out of proportion to the rest of society, for better or worse. You can expect them to triple down with hostility, but at least we will still be a somewhat free country, at least in red states, until the media creates the next COVID-like excuse for tyranny (AND THEY WILL.)

And then there’s the perhaps most likely scenario: an uncertain Trump or Biden victory, tainted by a close election and/or evidence of Democratic foul play with chaotic voting methods. What then? Certainly an escalation in the psychological civil war we are already in, if not a real civil war, or more civil breakdown stoked by leftist mayors and governors. Perhaps a Constitutional showdown with Trump and Nancy Pelosi literally fighting for the loyalty of the U.S. military and our federal Deep State.

These are the three options I foresee. Certainly, I hope for a Trump blowout. But let’s be real: America is ill, mentally and politically. No one election will cure that.


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