Sleepy, “Moderate” Joe Biden Sets a New Totalitarian Precedent

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told a local news reporter on Friday afternoon that voters do not deserve to know whether he will pack the Supreme Court if he wins the upcoming the election.

“Sir, I’ve got to ask you about packing the courts and I know you said yesterday you aren’t going to answer the question until after the election, but this is the number one thing that I’ve been asking about from viewers in the past couple of days,” the reporter said to Biden.

“Well, you’ve been asked by the viewers who are probably Republicans who don’t me continuing to talk about what they’re doing to the court right now,” Biden responded.

“Well sir, don’t the voters deserve to know—” the reporter pressed.

“No, they don’t,” Biden responded. [Source: The Daily Wire]

In a way, this is the biggest news of this presidential campaign so far. I can’t recall ever reading of a time when a candidate for U.S. President said, “I’m not going to tell you what I’ll do. I’ll tell you after I’m in office.” That’s literally like saying: “I don’t owe you anything. I can and will do whatever the hell I want.” Wow. At one time, politicians at least used to PRETEND that voters and individuals had rights, even if they didn’t believe it. This shows you how brazen they have become.

The first major example of this was when Nancy Pelosi, upon the passage of Obamacare, stated you’d have to read the bill after it was passed to see what was in it. In the end, we have to blame the majority of voters for this state of affairs. Biden, Pelosi and these other autocrats know they can get away with it. I have learned during the COVID fiasco that most Democratic voters WANT to be ruled. And many on the non-Democratic side are still too afraid — of being shamed, put out of business or otherwise attacked for admitting that they’re not leftists or Democrats. These are the reasons why people get dictatorships. In a strange way, they ask for them. The Bidens and Pelosis of the world — and their even more extreme, up-and-coming Communist leftists after them — have heard the message. “You want to be ruled? We will rule you then.”



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