The Democratic Communist Party’s Fatal Weakness

The Democratic fantasy is that Biden will win, and their party will control Congress and the courts, forever. It’s amazing how they seek simply to wish away the Trump supporters. Of course, socialism and Communism are based on reality-busting wishes and fantasies; so the leftist attitude is internally consistent. None of them are even thinking, “Now, if we beat Trump, how can we win over some of those Trump supporters?” They don’t care. They consider ALL dissenting opinion evil.

So if you don’t go along with the program — just as if you don’t go along with wearing a mask, forever; or if you don’t go along with socialized medicine, massive tax rates, and all the rest — then you’re out of the club. You are not socially acceptable. The only thing this can mean, with regard to government, is dictatorship.

Let’s face it: Under leftist-run cities in particular, we’re already in the early stages of dictatorship. Who wants to VISIT New York City ever again, much less live there? Or Portland. Or Minneapolis. Or Seattle. Or Chicago. Or pretty much ANY left-wing-run city.

All that seems to matter is getting Joe Biden — and, later on, Kamala Harris — “in there”. Then somehow, all will be well. In what universe will the Trump supporters ever change their minds, not just about Trump but about the rotten, corrupt way our government is run? About the insanity taking hold of our culture? It’s not sustainable.

THIS is the fatal weakness of the leftists. They fantasize a world where everybody thinks and acts like they do, and where everyone will submit. It will all be effortless and bloodless, so far as they’re concerned. Just so they get their power.

I mention it because it’s always good to know the fatal weakness, the unsustainable error, of your enemy. Knowing that is part of how you beat them … for real, not just in one election, and not just in politics. Conservatives and other non-left dissidents have no built-in cultural means of defense — no schools, very few universities, no actors, musicians, or corporate leaders (the non-leftists are terrified to speak out) … really, nothing. Right now, President Trump is how cultural dissidents make their voices heard. He does quite a job of it. But he’s not enough. At some point, we have to get out there and speak our minds more directly and openly than most of us seem willing to do.
President Trump taught Republicans and conservatives how to fight. Now we have to learn how NOT to be afraid.



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