Democrats Have Now Made it Clear: THEIR WILL is Above the Constitution

Mark Levin on this evening’s radio show:

“Democrats are trying to replace the Constitution with their party.”

That’s absolutely true. They have essentially said President Trump MAY NOT appoint a Supreme Court justice before the election. Why not? Because the Constitution says he may not? No. They don’t even attempt to make such a claim. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION. They only care about their will. Their will is law.

This is how dictators think. Our framers gave us a Constitution and Bill of Rights. They wanted a “nation of laws, not of men.” But under the Democratic approach, law doesn’t matter, except when it suits their purposes. When the law, or the Constitution, crosses their purposes, then law is out the window.

Leftists and Democrats only talk to each other. They are only exposed to one point-of-view: Their own. The rest of us already know their point-of-view — Marxism, fascism, collectivism, subjectivism — and have it relentlessly hurled in our faces from every corner of society. We know our own point-of-view. Leftists don’t know or care. They only want their will.

If you think they’re bad now, just wait until when or if they get unlimited power. By all of the evidence, they aim to do that very thing.

So far as Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and all the rest of them are concerned: They own America. Which means they own every one of us. We have no rights, and there are no laws … except their will. It’s really that bad.



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