President Trump is Right: America’s Corporations are STUPID

President Donald Trump on Sunday mocked the “stupid” corporations publicly announcing funding to radical left organizations during the George Floyd protests throughout the summer.

“The corporations, these poor stupid people that run the — you know, they get paid a lot of money. They’re weak, ineffective people, let’s face it,” Trump said at his rally in Nevada on Sunday night.

He’s right. Otherwise capable people who know how to run companies and please millions of customers are powerless when it comes to judging ideas.

“Ideas” is too kind a word for the people who are blackmailing companies into giving them money. Black Lives Matter, Antifa — they are clearly terrorists, thugs and blackmailers.

No company stands to gain by appeasing such groups, no matter what their claimed intentions. “Either give us your money and unqualified support — or we’ll burn you down. We won’t just burn YOU down. We will burn down your entire civilization.”

At the moment, that’s exactly what’s happening.

President Trump and his supporters don’t want it to continue. A resounding victory for them on November 3 would be an amazing opportunity to treat this whole thing as a WAR. And to go on to victory. Because that’s exactly what this is. It has nothing whatsoever to do with racism, “social justice” or anything else. It’s simply blackmail. It’s the revolution the Marxists always wanted and promised. Each and every time a company gives in to any demand, it’s another victory for the blackmailers.

The blackmailers have no moral power. Even if they burn down civilization, they’ll have nothing to offer people: other than the ruins of a Venezuela-like economy. Look at New York City right now for a hint of what’s coming. A ruined civilization. They stand for nothing, other than destruction.

They don’t even have the power to kill a civilization as great as America. The only way they can win is by handing us the gun and persuading us, out of fear, unearned guilt or self-loathing, to pull the trigger. These stupid corporations are doing that. President Trump doesn’t go along. Neither should we, if we value our lives.



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