They Are Not “Protesters”. They Are Savages. On Principle.

And now the latest on America’s civil war, and the people on the Biden side:

Protesters reportedly shouting slogans like “Death to the police!” showed up to the Los Angeles area hospital treating two law enforcement officers who were ambushed and shot on Saturday.

“To the protesters blocking the entrance [and] exit of the HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM yelling ‘We hope they die’ referring to 2 LA Sheriff’s ambushed today in #Compton: DO NOT BLOCK EMERGENCY ENTRIES [AND] EXITS TO THE HOSPITAL. People’s lives are at stake when ambulances can’t get through,” the LA County Sheriff’s Department wrote on Twitter early Sunday morning. [Fox News online]


“Protesters” is a term of evasion. What are they protesting? The Bill of Rights. They call rights “racist”. The idea of civilization. The idea that your property, and your body — your very life — belong to you.

They don’t seek to get rid of bad police. They seek to get rid of ALL police. They don’t seek to get rid of the elements of capitalism they dislike. They seek to get rid of ALL private property, private earnings, and of ALL economic inequality (except, presumably, that of the rulers).

They are after YOUR bank account. YOUR possessions. YOUR retirement. Or the retirement you’ll never be able to create, because the moment you do, it will be gone. It will be the property of (first) the mob, and (next) the government. They are after YOUR ability to make choices to govern your own life.

THESE are the things they are protesting. They are NOT protesting injustice. They are protesting freedom. They are protesting YOUR and MY right to life. They’re upholding savagery, not because they’re innocently mistaken, ignorant savages. They are savages ON PRINCIPLE. They are homicidal, suicidal maniacs.

Doesn’t “protester” seem like too kind a word?



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