The Burning of America

“We are infuriated by the injustice and heartbroken for the victims. We are enraged at our elected leaders who either sit by like useless lumps and do nothing to protect their citizens, or actively encourage the mobs. And we are exhausted — exhausted by the ceaselessness of the carnage, and the knowledge that it will not be over tomorrow or the next day or the next. But we are not shocked because this our new normal. And we have Black Lives Matter and its enablers in the media and the Democratic Party largely to thank for that.”

“One need only consider what nearly everyone would be saying, and what the media would be reporting, and how the government would be responding, if a series of Tea Party rallies “gave way” to arson, looting, and wanton destruction. After one episode of Tea Party members and allies beating random pedestrians over the head, stopping traffic at gun point, and lighting vehicles on fire, most people would be prepared to label the whole movement a terroristic enterprise. After the second episode, Tea Party leaders would be rounded up by federal agents. After six years of this? Well, that’s literally unimaginable. It would never happen. It could never happen.”

— Matt Walsh, “The Daily Wire” 8-26-20


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