Assaulting Rand Paul? It’s the Marxist-American Way

The most disturbing aspect of the latest attack on Senator Rand Paul? How everyone in the media/corporate world doesn’t even try to rationalize it. They just ignore it. It shows how they’re preparing for a world in which such actions are normal, natural and to be expected. This is EXACTLY how Communists, Nazis or any other totalitarians act. They anticipate a world where someday there’s no dissension. Where dissenters are punished merely for being alive. While it’s true in America we still have the First Amendment, nobody on the academic, corporate or media side of things believes in freedom of speech any longer. A minority does, but … they won’t speak out. Or even a silent majority. So what? It’s like we already live under a dictatorship. Just ask Rand Paul.

By the way, Rand Paul is an odd figure to attack. He’s certainly no Democrat or leftist. But he’s more of a libertarian than a Trumpster. He supports President Trump, because he agrees with him on key things — stopping the pointless wars, cutting taxes and cutting regulation. Of course, on spending Trump and Rand Paul are polar opposites. Nobody in Washington wants to cut spending, except for Rand Paul. But that shows how the leftist attacks on dissension and freedom are deeper than any hatred of Trump. Rand Paul is a truly independent thinker. THAT’S why he must be destroyed, in the eyes of the Democratic Party left and the thugs they enable.

They’re just getting started. President Trump will hopefully win reelection. But the leftists are not going anywhere. They are not going to stop until they destroy America. They have the entire Democratic Party and the vocal minority of hard left media, social media, academia and the elite corporate world on their side. The rational, decent, freedom-loving majority will not speak up. Not like they should. It had better happen on November 3. It had better be a blowout. Even then, the left will NOT quit. We might not even get a real election, given their plans to rig it with the post office. I believe they — the left, including the Democratic Party as we know it — will eventually have to be put down with force. I don’t know why it hasn’t happened already, on the streets of our cities.

The left is all about force. That’s what Communism is: Coercion. Black Lives Matter is an open, proud Marxist organization. They are showing us our future. When in the hell are we going to rise up and STOP them?



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