Wearing a Mask While Smoking? That Makes Sense!

I saw a woman smoking and wearing a mask today. She put the mask down, took a puff, and then put the mask back over her mouth. She repeated each time she wanted a puff! Why would you wear a mask and smoke cigarettes? The mask is presumably to keep you healthy. But if you care little enough for your health to smoke, then why use a mask to keep out germs, even if the “safety” afforded by a mask is entirely delusional?

I know why. Her sociopathic Governor makes her wear a mask. But if this same Governor tomorrow ordered her NOT to smoke, just as he commanded her to wear a mask, would she quit smoking? We will never know the answer. The Governor wants tax revenue from cigarettes. Nothing makes sense. Our culture makes less sense than a mental hospital. And I have worked in mental hospitals.



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