Dear Democrats:

Dear Democratic voters: You claim I am physically assaulting you by not wearing I mask. No, you’ve got that wrong. I KNOW you’re physically assaulting ME by voting Democratic.

You don’t get to say, “I don’t support defunding the police” while actively supporting a party dominated by mayors, Congresspersons, and governors who ARE ACTUALLY DEFUNDING THE POLICE.

You don’t get to claim you’re not a Communist or a socialist when you vote for people in a party THAT’S ACTUALLY IMPOSING COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM on the country.

You don’t get to say, “Joe Biden is a nice guy and he’s not a Communist” when his campaign actively and openly courts, for Vice President, a woman who considers the late Fidel Castro a cherished hero.

You don’t get to explicitly endorse repealing the Bill of Rights in the name of “progress” and still get to call yourself an American.

I take assaults on my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness seriously. I consider YOU my enemy — you supporters of America’s gravest enemy today, the Democratic Party. I consider your party the enemy of America’s Bill of Rights just as the Soviet Communist Party and National Socialist Party of Germany were the enemy of America in earlier eras, and the Communist Party of China is today.

It’s not “just about politics”. It’s about real, life-or-death issues.

I am not merely talking about career politicians. I am talking about the great majority of ordinary, everyday Democrat-supporters. Your intolerance, self-deceit and fundamental irrationality are your own moral flaws and personal problems; however, you have no right to impose those flaws on me by force, whether it’s coercing me to toil long hours to pay for “free college” for other people, to pay for the medical care of illegal immigrants — homicidal criminals, in some cases — or forcing me to wear a mask. In practice and in principle, you are deeply wrong about virtually everything. And you are deeply disturbed, whether you camp out like savages on the streets of Chicago, Portland or Seattle, or whether you root for such savages from the comfort of your laptop, television or cell phones. Morally, you are all the same.

You don’t get to pretend you’re not something you clearly ARE — totalitarian — not when you impose it on myself and other people who don’t want it, and not when you impose it with the full threat of government coercion. The wildly exaggerated COVID crisis has made that clear in a way neither Ayn Rand nor George Orwell ever could have put into fiction. And we know you’re just getting started.

So scream, shame and lecture all you want about my not wearing a mask, about my choice to vote for Donald Trump, about my choice NOT to “take a knee” at the National Anthem, about my determination to keep everything I earn and about my desire to own weapons of self-protection. YOU are the victimizers here. Ignorance is no excuse. Not when things get to this point. Democratic leaders speak loudly and clearly when they articulate and endorse such insane ideas as outlawing fossil fuels, nationalizing private property, imposing 70 or 90 percent tax rates, confiscating guns, and demanding that people apologize for their race, no different than a National Socialist would. You SEE Democratic mayors and governors literally opening up prisons, and you hear Democrat after Democrat call for nationalization of private property. Yet you keep voting for them anyway.

This isn’t funny, and it’s not playing around. If you really believed you were certain of defeating Donald Trump in November, you wouldn’t support placing the electoral process in the hands of the inept, floundering and historically incompetent post office. Obviously, you’re more than a little worried if you feel you must resort to “mail-in voting,” something you would never, ever permit if you thought it would benefit President Trump or Republicans.

You know what you’re doing, Democrats. And I hold each and every one of you personally responsible for everything that’s happening, and whatever comes next.

I blame YOU, Democrats and leftists everywhere, not just in government and media. Your media and your schools have brainwashed you, but our country still offers choices, and you possess the free will to learn of different views. Instead, you smash dissension through shaming, social media blocking and even “doxing” of anyone who dares to disagree with you.

I will not respond to your shame, your threats, your hostility or your insults, because I know you are the ones destroying everything that was worthwhile about America, and about life itself. You can all go to hell, but you will not take decent people with you.

If you think you can get rid of the justified hostility and resentment the people you call “deplorable” feel toward you simply by extinguishing Donald Trump and his presidency, you are in for the rudest awakening in all of human history. We are not going away, and we’re in your communities, often closeted and silent because of the hostility, threats and fear YOUR establishment has created. Sooner or later, the dam will break. We know that being Democrats, you’ll never, ever take responsibility for the death and destruction you continue to cause. We also know that you will, without doubt, feel the intensity of liberty-loving individuals who cherish life and freedom.



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