The Rotten, Treacherous American Cabal

The Democratic Party, much of the established Republican Party, most of the media, virtually all of academia, virtually all of the entertainment/sports industries and corporate America now “function” as one gigantic cabal. It’s less a conspiracy than simply an outgrowth of our massive government and widespread, ignorant mentality that central authorities can and should plan everything. They act for their own criminal, irrational interests and sacrifice the well-being of individuals and blow up our Bill of Rights in the process.

We’ve got to be real. Over a period of generations, Americans created all this. They wanted social programs, they wanted free schools, they wanted free health insurance, they wanted a war on drugs and they wanted to nation-build overseas, and thought they could expand the role of government beyond the original Constitution without creating a monster. Well, it’s 2020 and nobody can now deny it: We created a monster.



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