Governors Won’t Reopen Schools? Then Privatize Education

“Schools will reopen. No they won’t. Yes they will. No they won’t. Dr. Fauci says yes. Dr. Fauci says no. He says yes AND no. Oh, hell. It’s all Trump’s fault!!” The real solution is to get the government OUT of education, starting with the federal government. Government “schools” are a legally subsdizied, government-sanctioned monopoly. The people who represent the union monopoly, and probably quite a number of the teachers themselves, sadly, are happy to stay home indefinitely and still get paid by taxpayers, not unlike a lot of bartenders or restaurant employees I know.

We should turn the COVID fiasco into a partial silver lining and privatize education. It’s going to happen by default, at least partially, if schools don’t reopen, and I don’t think most of them will any time soon. California, New York, and most blue states? Even Texas? Forget it. After all, viruses (not just COVID) will always be with us. So let’s do what we always should have done: Put education (including the choice of which schools to hire, or what kind of education to pursue) in the hands of PARENTS.



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