Mob Psychology & the Death of America’s Cities

Here’s the thing about America’s Mob Class, epitomized by Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Communist Democratic Party:

They’re destroyers. They are AGAINST all kinds of things. They are FOR nothing.

When you stand for NOTHING, you will never matter.

Yes, you matter while you burn down buildings, while you destroy people’s lives and businesses, and while you bully, intimidate and threaten others. Yes, you matter when you cost consumers and taxpayers billions of dollars so that companies can prove their corporate “wokeness” and kowtow to the mobs, by pulling popular TV shows, syrups and other products/services off the shelves.

But you don’t matter beyond that moment. You only matter the way a criminal matters: Through the suffering you cause, and the destruction you spread.

Black Lives Matter does not stand FOR anything. Antifa does not stand FOR anything. These groups only stand for the destruction of cities, statues, private and government property, and the principles that once illuminated the prosperity and happiness so dominant in America. They seek to destroy everything good. Destruction is their only principle.

They claim to be against “racism”. They claim to be for “black lives”. But NO life — black or otherwise — means anything without the preservation of liberty, individual rights and private property. The lives of black people are actually being destroyed in disproportionate numbers, because more black people live closer to the areas the mostly white mobs are destroying.

Imagine if a mob of totally white KKK members burned and looted cities inhabited mostly by blacks. And then the mostly white mayors and governors did nothing to stop it — and, in fact, actively encouraged the burning and looting.

The outrage would be deafening — and justifiably so. We’d properly call it racism, and worse.

Yet here’s what’s happening: A mob of mostly white WOKE leftists (laughably named “Black Lives Matter”) burns down and loots cities inhabited mostly by black people — killing children (mostly black) in the process. The mostly white mayors and governors do nothing to stop it, and actively support it, in some cases.

How the HELL is this any different?

Mob psychology is the worst. Human beings are at their most irrational when either joining the mob, or appeasing the mob because of fear.

America is dying right before our eyes. At least our cities are, and our cities mattered. The mob is encouraged by your fear, by your refusal to speak out because your leftist Democrat associates might call you a name, or because someone will think you are a racist because you support civilization. The riots and looting are growing, not receding. President Trump can only do so much if the mayors and local officials are actually on the side of the mob.

America will have to find a way to go on without its cities. Because this is the end of them. The people who live in these cities will continue to vote for the same people who destroyed them. It’s nothing more than suicide-homicide.



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