Communism, American-Style is HERE

Here’s the latest in Delaware, and it will surely be the case elsewhere:

“Food and drink establishments are now also required to give customers the option to leave information on file to help with contact tracing in the event of a positive case being linked to the establishment. Tracing known contacts of positive cases helps public health officials trace transmission of the virus and prevent larger outbreaks. Restaurants are not required to deny service to customers who choose not to provide contact information.”

Dictatorship always starts as “voluntary”. They want to get you used to it. So now when you enter a restaurant, you’ll be in the habit of being ASKED for your cell phone and name so the government may keep tabs on you and track you down. The restaurant is REQUIRED to ask you. Like you’re a criminal. You’re not a criminal, of course. But you have no individual rights. You belong to the state. That’s exactly how it was under Communism and Nazi Germany; and in Venezuela and Communist China today. This WILL be involuntary before long. Can you still fight back? Sure. Stop going to restaurants. Or simply lie. Give out a fake phone number. Give out a fake name. Who the hell knows what other information they’ll be asking. This pits you against the merchants and businesses you patronize. The government is now everywhere. The important thing: Resist. It’s not about health. It’s about ownership of your mind and your body — ownership, though not by you.


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