Facts are Stubborn Things

Hysteria about COVID is cool. It’s hip. It’s WOKE. In fact, it’s increasingly mandatory. How long before government-ordered “truth” is mandatory, just like masks already are mandatory, even in Republican states like Texas?

Why will few or no people fight it, or speak out against it? Are they really THAT worried about not being seen as WOKE? Will they give up their freedom so people won’t think them “on the outs”? If so, they deserve what’s coming.

In the meantime, here are a few facts to distract you from the hysteria:

In truth, Texas’ ICU capacity is currently 90% occupied, but of these beds, COVID-19 patients occupy only 15%.  The remaining 85% are filled with a backlog of patients whose various non-urgent procedures had been postponed for months due to (ultimately unsubstantiated) fear that COVID would overload the health care system.

Dr. Scott Atlas of the Hoover Institute:   Atlas said that he has done more than a superficial analysis of the numbers, and after analyzing them, he…[e]xplain[ed], “When you look all over at the states who are seeing a lot of new cases, you have to look at who is getting infected because we should know by now, that the goal is not to eliminate all cases, that’s not rational, it’s not necessary, if we just protect the people who are going to have serious complications. We look at the cases, yes there’s a lot more cases, by the way they do not correlate in a time sense to any kind of reopening of states. If you look at the timing, that’s just a misstatement, a false narrative. The reality is they may correlate to the new protests and massive demonstrations, but it’s safe to say the majority of new cases are among younger, healthier people.”  Furthermore, Dr. Atlas emphasized the fact that the death rates are not going up, despite the increase in cases. “And that’s what really counts, are we getting people who are really sick and dying, and we’re not, and when we look at the hospitalizations, yes, hospitals are more crowded, but that’s mainly due to the re-installation of medical care for non COVID-19 patients.”  Here Dr. Atlas gets down to the nitty gritty in Texas:   Dr. Atlas used Texas of an example saying, “90+% of ICU beds are occupied, but only 15% are COVID patients. 85% of the occupied beds are not COVID patients. I think we have to look at the data and be aware that it doesn’t matter if younger, healthier people get infected, I don’t know how often that has to be said, they have nearly zero risk of a problem from this. The only thing that counts are the older, more vulnerable people getting infected. And there’s no evidence that they really are.” [Sources here]


Texas is the reason for the hysteria. It goes like this: “Texas is bad. They opened up before they should have. Now everybody in Texas IS GOING TO DIE. Soon everyone else will die. It’s because of Texas, and other states like Texas, who dared to end 10-15 percent of the lockdown. They should have stayed 100 PERCENT LOCKED DOWN FOREVER. Everyone is going to die, and it’s all their fault! And it’s all Trump’s fault!”

The “reasoning” and hysteria are truly infantile. If infants could talk, this is how they would reason. The defiance of facts is stunning. This is only the latest.

Imagine an airplane pilot with no radar, and with air traffic controllers who deliberately lie to him about the facts on the ground. How safely do you think that pilot could land the plane?

You don’t have to imagine. We are lied to daily and repeatedly by a compliant, biased and totally dishonest media hellbent on only one thing: Destroying Trump. And, right after that, totally destroying freedom in America.

We can’t have rational conversations about COVID. Why? Because the “facts” most of us are reading aren’t facts at all. Either they are lies, or they are half-truths, leaving out crucial facts that would lead you to a different conclusion than the brazenly far left-wing media wants you to have.

It’s beyond insane. Yet that’s where we are. We are in so much more trouble than any virus could ever foist upon us.

Knowledge is power. In order to have powerful knowledge, the facts and reasoning must be honest and truthful. A sincere desire to know the truth is essential. That way, you get to the truth, at least eventually.

Liars will bring us down with them, and ultimately destroy us. America had so much to lose, and — as of this moment, at least — we are losing. The war isn’t over, and there’s no rational reason ever to give up. But dishonesty is a powerful thing when people are ignorant and indifferent toward real facts. If we’re to win this war for truth, people will have to become courageous and stop worrying about what others think. Others are not your friend … the truth IS.



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