Nobody Ever Defines “Systemic Racism” — and That’s a Huge Red Flag

What actually IS “systemic” racism?

Nobody ever defines it. It’s taken as self-evident. Either you get it, or you don’t. And you had BETTER “get it” … or else!

I have a definition of actual racism. I define racism as the error of elevating a person’s skin color and/or genetic background to the level of character and choice. It’s wrong, but it’s also an error. We don’t choose our race. Race, as such, has no moral status. You’re neither morally superior nor morally inferior for being white, black, Hispanic, Asian or any other race. If you state or imply otherwise, you’re usually guilty of the error of racism.

People who accuse others of “systemic racism” should be required to define their terms — objectively, and concretely. Yet they never do. That’s because their definition is EMOTIONAL. They’re basically saying, “I feel that you’re racist. Therefore, you are.” Usually, they mean to say:  “If you’re white, you don’t get it. It’s not in your DNA or programming to get it. You’re racist, whether you think so or not. The more you challenge me on this, the more racist you’re proving yourself to be. So SUBMIT, say you’re sorry … and you still won’t be forgiven. But you’ll be humbled. And that’s all I care about.”

When somebody accuses America of being “systemically racist”, this is literally what I hear. I am a psychotherapist by profession. I have developed a trained ear for emotional manipulation by the foisting of unearned guilt on others. That’s why I pay it no mind. It’s not because I’m racist. Racism is a profoundly ignorant error. I want no part of racism, and never have. But “systemic racist” is a term that means nothing whatsoever to me. I see it as emotional and psychological manipulation. The motives of the people who make the accusation vary. Clearly, the motives of looters, terrorists and thugs who want police removed as a function of government cannot be good motives. Murder rates are skyrocketing in cities in direct proportion to the degree we defund police (financially) and condemn them (morally). Do we see these advocates of fighting “systemic racism” as reversing course? No. They want the anarchy and mayhem to continue — most of it against racial minorities, as we’re seeing right now in Atlanta, with the death of an 8-year-old child!

Talk about a raw deal. All the accusations of “systemic racism” seem like a GREAT deal for those who wish civilization as we know it to collapse, rather than always improving and expanding, as we once were. So what’s in all this for the rest of us?

I am waiting for an answer.



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