Democrat Voters: Personally to Blame for What’s Coming

The Communist Democratic Party platform:

Until there’s a vaccine for COVID, and until we are 100 percent sure every single person has been injected, there will be lockdowns and masks.

Until police prove they will never, ever shoot a criminal again, there will be no police.

And, by the way, we’re taking your guns away, we’re ending free speech, and we’re ending your ability to watch any non-leftist speak, starting with President Trump and his rallies.

And don’t forget: No gasoline as fuel in 10 years. No more airplanes. Few or no cars. After that, it’s back to Little House on the Prairie. Except for important public officials and their connections, of course.

And 90 percent tax rates, government-run medicine and a government-run finance system. Meaning you can’t finance a house unless you’re connected and correct with the government. And churches meet or assemble only when government grants permission. COVID, you know.

We will accomplish all this by scaring you, and, when all else fails, with brute force. But without police. Well, without police as we know them. We’ll get a new kind of police … the Stalinist kind.

If you call yourself a Democrat, then this is what you stand for. I call you a horrific hybrid of Communist, fascist and totalitarian.

Ideas have consequences in tangible, everyday reality. Anyone who supports and votes for what these leftists are doing is personally responsible for what happens to our country.

No free passes for Democrat voters. Not anymore.


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