Communist BLM Does NOT Care About the Black Underclass

Black Lives Matter is a Communist group. They don’t care about the black underclass. The reason they’re alarmed is because of the thriving and growing black MIDDLE class. The middle class — of any color — is the greatest threat to Communism.

If BLM really wanted to rescue the black underclass — the poor people stuck in the slums, generation after generation — they wouldn’t defund the police. They would encourage phasing out the self-perpetuating welfare system that keeps these poor people trapped in drugs and despair. Phasing out the welfare state would also lessen the need for police, because the slums desperately need police protection. With a growing black middle and upper class, there would be fewer slums.

Defunding the police is truly sadistic, to the vulnerable most of all. We forget about the innocent and peaceful people in the slums. THEY are the first to perish. Can you imagine living in a horrible neighborhood without police to rely on? Good grief. Black Loves Matter is a sick, twisteed and perverted group. Yet if you challenge them on ANYTHING — including their obvious Communism — you’re labeled a racist. You’re put in the same category as a white supremacist. Precisely the opposite is true.

Black Lives Matter does oppose racism, but only in an indirect, sinister way. As Communists, they want EVERYONE to be equally poor. White, black, Hispanic, Asian … we will all be destitute under a government-run economy and government-controlled society. Think Venezuela. Everybody, that is, except for the ruling elites. THAT’S what BLM socialist radicals stand for. The fools who come out in support of Communist Black Lives Matter, thinking they’re fighting racism, are useful idiots. At best.



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