A reader who prefers to remain anonymous points out the following:

“The stupid cloth or blue surgical mask is not only totally useless against a sub-microscopic virus (the box those masks come in actually states that) but is actually detrimental to the wearer’s health. The dampness on the mask in front of the mouth is a happy breeding ground for bacteria and, yes, viruses. Also, the mask forces you to re-inhale the poisonous CO2 we exhale with every breath. I watched these poor idiots riding bikes in Rehoboth [Beach, Delaware], huffing and puffing as their lungs cried out for more oxygen.
It’s all about, ‘Look at ME! I’m wearing a mask! Aren’t I virtuous? I CARE about you!’ It’s all BS. And the preening career politicians know that as our taxes continue to line their pockets as we go broke.”



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