Please Tell Me: THIS Isn’t What Our Veterans Died For

You don’t live in a free country if your rights can be turned on and off at any time by a dictator.

“Reopening”? It’s a joke. Everything is now state-run. That’s not freedom. You can kid yourself that your freedoms have been restored, when and if they ever are. But your freedoms are not a light switch. Your rights are inalienable. That’s the term our founders used. Rights are inherent to your nature. A government may be hired to protect those rights. But no government (state or federal) may turn those rights on and off. Rights are part of you; and always were.

We’re told it’s all for the sake of our health. But “health” can be used to justify anything. People die on highways every day. Should your car be taken away, until the curve of automobile deaths is “flattened”? People die of cancer and obesity. Should your diet be run by the government, and fast food chains closed, until the curve is “flattened”? Many more die of cancer, obesity and automobiles than will ever die from coronavirus. So the health motivation is B.S. They know it. And they have noted the fact that most of us won’t say it.

The instant these lockdowns were ordered, and the moment our rulers realized we would tolerate those lockdowns — even indefinitely, months later — is the moment our freedom ended. The only way to get our freedom back is to fight the idea that it was ever theirs to take away in the first place.

I am sick and saddened. Many agree with me, but will never say so publicly. They might make someone angry. Heaven forbid! Most of the country seems to be under sedation. Most don’t want to face that their freedom is lost. They wait patiently for their state governments to restore their right to do simple things that have always been part of the American way — things like getting a haircut or going to the local pub or restaurant. Even most unfree countries have permitted these things. Stalin let you get a drink, and Hitler let you get your hair cut.

We are staring into the awful reality of a totalitarian regime, one that may turn rights on and off for any reason whatsoever. Coronavirus will be the excuse to take your guns, curb your speech and abolish your few remaining rights. If you doubt this, you’re truly a fool. You’re also not listening. When they tell you “it’s the new normal”, they really mean it. As millions put on their masks, elite officials know they will get uncritical compliance with anything.

Your rights are yours. The career politicians in our governments are the least morally and intellectually qualified to do anything. Is this what our veterans died for in all those wars — the right to be controlled by petty imbeciles and worthless twits who never could have made it outside of a career in politics?

Say it isn’t so. Especially on Memorial Day.


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