Your Ignorance is Not an Excuse to Trample on MY Rights

“The U.S. Department of Justice on Friday warned the mayor of Los Angeles and the county’s top health officer that an extension of the coronavirus stay-at-home order may be unlawful.” [Breitbart News 5/23/20]

Most Democrats and leftists are clueless about — or indifferent to — the Bill of Rights. The United States was founded to protect rights of the individual. These include things like freedom of association, private property, freedom to engage in commerce and freedom to worship. You don’t ask permission to do these things. You do these things because it’s your inalienable right to do so; the government may only stop you if you initiate force or fraud against others.

We do NOT answer to the government. The government answers to US.

Nothing in the Constitution permits open-ended dictatorship for any elected official. Our founders would have been horrified at the sight of what’s happening today. The Constitution demands that different parts of the government check and balance each other. A Governor (or a President) doesn’t get to say: “I can do whatever I want, because it’s an emergency. It’s an emergency because I say so, and for as long as I say so.” Yet that’s precisely what’s happening.

In Pennsylvania, for example, the Governor extended his dictatorship by three months. He said he MIGHT open up theaters, and so forth. But it’s all up to HIS whim. This is not a free country!

If an elected official in California or Michigan violates the Bill of Rights, he or she is in defiance of the U.S. Constitution. It’s proper and lawful for the U.S. government to step in and take whatever means are necessary to STOP this local official from violating the rights of individuals.

I don’t care if a majority of stupid California Democrats voted for this official, and would do so again. Your ignorance is not an excuse to trample on MY rights. The Bill of Rights guarantees that a majority may not act against the rights of the individual. As Ayn Rand once astutely wrote: The individual is the smallest and most vulnerable minority of all.

President Trump has been very nice and tolerant through all this. I would not be as nice. And, based on observing this President for the last 4 years, I think his patience will run out. If half of America goes on under a dictatorship, the entire economy and our entire civilization will fall. It’s not sustainable. And it has to be stopped.



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