Canadian Fascism: Will America be Next?

Canada is going full Nazi Germany. Coming soon to a left-wing state near you, America?

From Frank Nova (a reader of mine on Facebook): This man, Luc Gervais on Facebook, posted this picture on May 22nd.

He went to see a relative who was dying from cancer in a Quebec province’s hospital of Canada (fully socialised medicine systems)

They presented him with a mandatory form to fill.
The form registered him as a someone who got in contact with Covid19/SRAS. — Gov’t obviously fudges the stats. —
The despicable media, [Canadian prime minister] Trudeau, WHO, and various (possibly coerced) provincial gov’t are screwing with you !

I suspect that the reason for the extended lockdown switched from ignorant and hubristic “prudence”, to being held by the balls by unions (teacher’s unions, health care worker’s union, gov’t unions). All of these gov’t employees receive their full pay, including their future full pension benefits. Federal employees even have an indexed pension, so they don’t really care about 5$/litre milk we’ll get in three to ten years. You’ll still be paying THEIR pension down the road.

There’s a whole gamut of possible reasons to explain what is happening. Many passed as conspiracy theory delusions, but are now looking more and more plausible.

Especially considering the accelerated gun ban the federal gov’t is pushing on us by circumventing Parliament.


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