Dr. Fauci: The Gravest Mistake in American History

Dr. Fauci is that person most of us have met. The kind of person who, when asked a question, PRETENDS to know the answer, even when he doesn’t. No matter what you ask, he’s certain. He’s counting on you to be mesmerized by his certainty — NOT his accuracy. Do you know someone like that? This type dominates the political world. You’ll find them in the corporate and business world, too. It’s nothing special. He’s counting on you not to notice how often his answers to the same question change. Or how often he contradicts himself. Or how his answers vary depending on whether he’s talking to CNN (where he feels at home) or in front of President Trump. Dr. Fauci flourishes in a world where people WANT certainty (a rational desire); but where people are also so desperate for certainty they’ll take any answer — even a wrong one, so long as it seems certain.

This is the kind of world Dr. Fauci has encountered. This is why he’s such a star. In a world where everyone thought for themselves, he would serve no purpose, and have no use. Practicing, real-world doctors are what we need. Remember, Dr. Fauci may be a medical doctor. But he’s not the kind of doctor you’d want to treat your cancer, your heart disease, or even a non-life threatening ailment. He’s a political doctor. He’s a powerful bureaucrat with an M.D. That doesn’t mean anything compared to an even mediocre doctor who faces real live patients and illnesses every day. Whose life has Dr. Fauci saved? Nobody can tell us. All we know is that he’s systematically destroying civilization with his claim that coronavirus will probably never be cured — and yet until it’s cured, nobody can leave their house. We probably should all stop breathing, right now. That’s how insane this literally is.

History will record the gravest mistake of Donald Trump’s presidency was listening to this man. And ONLY to this man. Or elevating him to a position that he came to rule the entire world. All of us are guilty, the extent to which we fell for the B.S. It’s not too late to start thinking. It’s never too late to start thinking. Quite literally, the fate of the world — our liberty, our Constitution, our economic survival — depends on NOT listening to Dr. Fauci, and instead thinking objectively, independently and critically. Just once.


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