Only One Way to “Reopen the Country”

From what I can see, “reopening the country safely” basically means: NOT restoring the Constitutional, individual rights to commerce and association, while pretending we did.

Hair salons with one customer at a time? Curbside service for buying clothes? Restaurants with only a couple of tables open, and no bar service? THIS IS NOT REOPENING. IT’S STAYING CLOSED AND CALLING IT REOPENING.

In the words of the late George Carlin: It’s all B.S., and it’s bad for you.

Increasingly, it’s clear: The only way this country will reopen is if people defiantly do so. I am talking mass civil disobedience. This means YOU and I, in our small towns and big cities or suburbs, acting like we’re still living in a free country. If we wait for the government’s approval, it simply will not happen.

If millions take the lead and restore sovereignty over their own lives, livelihood and liberties, then the worthless, parasitical weenie narcissists in our town halls and state capitals will have no choice but to submit.


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