Elon Musk is Right: Lockdowns ARE Unconstitutional

Elon Musk Tells Joe Rogan: Lockdowns Are ‘Unconstitutional’ … says a headline.

Correct. Governors do not make laws. State legislators do. And laws that violate rights must be struck down by state and federal courts. EVERYTHING state governors are doing violates the Bill of Rights. You do not quarantine THE ENTIRE POPULATION. It’s utter madness.

We have a system of separation of powers, at the federal and state levels. Governors are doing what King George did to American colonists. Only much, much worse. Britain was authoritarian, while today’s governors are totalitarian. If revolution was warranted back in 1776, it’s warranted today.

Actually, we don’t need one. Simply enforce the Constitution. Start with Michigan’s outlaw governor. Arrest her. Prosecute her for federal crimes. Then follow through with most of the others, particularly New York and California. Also Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.

The only alternative is a malignant dictatorship through most of our states, the collapse of civil order and the complete devastation of our economy. This is urgent, and arguably an emergency. If you think this is wrong, then ask yourself what most of America will look like after another 3, 6 or 12 months of this?



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