Leftists, You Asked for It

The lockdown is not about self-preservation. The lockdown is about self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice is mostly a leftist thing. It’s also a Nazi, fascist thing. Adolf Hitler glorified the sacrifice of the individual for the group. Hitler was as much an anti-individualist as any prominent leftist you can name.

The incredible thing about this lockdown is that it calls for sacrifice of 99 percent of the population for the sake of 1 percent who are, or might get, sick. And remember that the vast majority who get sick will get well–even before treatments are discovered, which is already happening.

The overreaction to the virus illustrates psychological pathology. But it’s much worse than that. The people who glorify sacrifice for its own sake aren’t protecting anyone. In fact, they’re crushing the dreams and aspirations of millions (no, billions) for the sake of 1 percent who will not even benefit from that crushing. If you get coronavirus, how do you benefit from recovering and coming back to a wrecked civilization where you told you must scrimp, stay indoors and perpetually sacrifice? On top of it, the lockdown advocates are destroying businesses big and small, locally and nationally, and are ushering in a Great Depression II — one that will be far worse than the original, on our current course.

How sick and evil is that? As Ayn Rand said to collectivists of the world in her time, “Brother, you asked for it.” That’s my exact attitude toward leftists, Democrats and all others who support the obliteration of life as we knew it. YOU, dear leftists, are the ones who gave us this; and you are the ones I will always hold accountable.


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