It’s Not About Federalism; It’s About RIGHTS

The issue isn’t federalism. The issue is RIGHTS. If the federal government violates rights and creates a dictatorship, the states are entitled to break away. If any of the states imposes a dictatorship — rationalized by “health” or anything else — then the federal government has a right and an OBLIGATION to protect the rights of the victims (minority or majority).

Get something straight, you leftists: Your fear is not an excuse for you to imprison me in my home for the rest of my life. If you wish to do that, that’s your business and your right. But your fear is not an excuse to eradicate the entire Bill of Rights and obliterate all human commerce in a way that would have made Stalin or Hitler blush. If your fear is that pathological, then I implore you to seek a good psychiatrist or therapist. Leave ME and other sane people the hell alone. Keep your government off my rights to life and the pursuit of happiness.

Our patience is wearing thin. It will NOT last forever.


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