Is It Time to Send in Federal Troops to Arrest Governors?

US Attorney General Bill Barr on Friday said it’s time to start rolling back Coronavirus restrictions imposed by state and local governments.

Barr made the statements during a nationwide “Ask the AG” Twitter question-and-answer session.

Barr argued that the government had the right to impose reasonable and temporary restrictions when facing immediate catastrophic danger to public safety, and asserted the Bill of Rights doesn’t go away during a crisis like this.

Barr said the government is required to justify the restrictions and now that the “curve has been flattened” it’s time to adjust.


I like this, of course. But we are in serious trouble out here, especially in leftist states. At some point, the federal government will need to send in armed forces and make these leftist governors stand down; arrest them if necessary. They are NOT going to budge without force, in my view. It’s no longer about a virus, if it ever was. It’s about tyranny and dictatorship like America has never seen.

Sending in federal troops can stop the state governments from denying people their inalienable rights. It’s up to people to reopen an economy. But so long as state governments lock everyone up in their homes and impose controls that would make Stalin and Castro blush, there will be no economy. People will be impoverished, insane and it’s a looming catastrophe worthy of federal enforcement. At some point, we must face the harsh fact that these governors are behaving like actual criminals, and need to be treated as such.

A reader of mine, Michael Eggley, put it eloquently: “If this is the new normal, freedom has been defeated, eviscerated. Millions of Americans have been duped into believing the government is working in their best interests. How’s that going for you? While the virus pandemic is indeed serious, destroying our lives and our economy is the choice of our local/state/federal politicians. EVERYTHING about this is political. The left’s agenda permeates every aspect of this pandemic. It magically presents them a set of circumstances that sets the stage for their forced implementation of socialism. America is under attack from democrat politicians who seek to establish an elite ruling class and subjugate the majority of America citizens.”



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