“Public Health Emergency” Has Become Code for Dictatorship

Under a “public health emergency” you have NO rights. Everything you do is at the permission of the government. How do you know it’s a public health emergency? Because your governor says so. What if someone else in the government, like a court or the State House says it’s not a public health emergency? They’re wrong (we’re told). The governor’s word is final. How long does the public health emergency last? So long as the governor says so.

If this isn’t a dictatorship, I don’t know what is. Most states live under a dictatorship right now. President Trump has to stand up to it like Lincoln stood up to the states that enforced slavery. Or like the federal government stood up to Jim Crow laws. Nothing else will get us out of this. Because the end of the public health emergency is not forthcoming. If you think it is, you are in deep denial, probably from having been cooped up in your home-prison cell for the last 6 weeks.



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