Why is Delaware Shutting Down Joe Biden’s Home Town?

Delaware’s Governor and the mayor of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, are literally destroying the town and state, with a shockingly sociopathic indifference. At a time when Colorado, Georgia and Florida are starting to open up, Rehoboth Beach has cancelled the 4th of July fireworks, is forcing restaurants to remain closed (probably thru the summer), and today collected the boardwalk benches because they might have germs. Oh, and the beach is off limits indefinitely. When asked about the reopening of Delaware, the Governor has nothing to say except, “We’ll see.” Effective today, he has ordered all citizens to start wearing cloth masks.

Rehoboth Beach happens to be where I live. It also happens to be where Joe Biden has a residence, in the elite oceanfront North Shores area. A local resident of Rehoboth Beach posted the following on Facebook. His name is Seth Exter. (I do not know him.) A lot of people outside of Delaware will find it interesting to see what’s going on in Joe Biden’s home town. Thank you long-time Rehoboth Beach local Mauria Stein for calling my attention to this post by Seth Exter:

“[Rehoboth Beach mayor] Paul Kuhns, smart people know that your over reach is coming from none other than Joe Biden and the Democrat party in DC. Kinda funny Biden had proxies get his house built in North Shores keeping a secret who’s house it was till he showed up. You banned the Nativity scene and today you removed benches from the Boardwalk? You’ve canceled everything till after the 4th of July? You’re willing to sacrifice the livelihood of every business owner in Rehoboth under the guise of keeping everyone safe? You’re a bought and paid for scumbag. Deny my business license and I will own my own block in Rehoboth. Did you residents of Rehoboth put Joe Biden’s home in North Shores together with Kuhns’ response to the Corona virus yet? I don’t care if you’re Liberal. You’re allowed to be, but did you cast your vote to be put out of business and lose tens of thousands of dollars and put your employees on the unemployment line. Are you ok with this just to get rid of a President you don’t like? I’m thinking you didn’t know you would have to be a sacrificial lamb to get rid of Trump. Guess what? That’s exactly what you are. [Your] political views have been used against you for an agenda. Maybe many of you have enough money to weather the storm. What about your employees that made your business successful? You think that pumped up unemployment money is going to work forever? Paul Kuhns you’ve turned Rehoboth into a political shit show and you’re going to regret it. Rehoboth has a huge liberal business community. You think going broke isn’t going to change their mind? They may hate Trump but they are going to hate going bankrupt more than that and you are to blame. You put your eggs in the DC basket instead of the businesses of Rehoboth from all walks of life that make Rehoboth Beach Rehoboth Beach! Resign! You have killed Rehoboth Beach and what it has always been. Rehoboth Beach has always been culture getting along. No more thanks to you.” — Seth Exter


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