It’s Not About Face Masks

Here’s the reason people rebel against wearing a mask. The wearing of the mask isn’t based on “science”. In fact, it could be harmful because the homemade cloth masks most are wearing don’t comply with hospital standards. They could lead to a false sense of security, like so many one-size-fits-all mandates do. Scientists obviously don’t agree on the value of wearing masks. The CDC advised against wearing masks just a month ago. Then they abruptly reversed course, for no known scientific reason. Ditto for the U.S. Surgeon General. Our state governors didn’t care about our wearing masks two weeks ago, when the virus was more prevalent than today. So what does one have to do with the other? What kind of scientific, medical advice is this?

The real reason we’re told to wear masks is because it’s a means of imposing authority. Government officials are saying, “You don’t need a good reason for wearing a mask. You will do it, because I say so.” It’s authority for its own sake, because officials are training us to obey in other ways, for other reasons — always, always with this virus as the excuse.

THIS is the new America. It goes way beyond masks, and it goes way beyond any virus. Millions of people don’t want this new America. A generation ago, it would have been unthinkable to impose anything like this on Americans. But millions of Americans today are chinless wonders. They are eager to submit and serve. They have submissive personalities, at least where their government is concerned. It’s a neurosis. It’s a sickness.

The healthy among us recoil against it. If you’re reading this, whether you choose to submit to Gestapo-like authorities in your state and wear a mask or not, please understand: You are not bad, neurotic or “selfish” by feeling this way. The truly neurotic and unhealthy are those who will do anything their government tells them to do. THAT’S how you got Nazi Germany. And that’s how we’re getting the American version of whatever is happening to us today.


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