Dr. Phil States the Obvious: Imprisonment Is Bad for Mental Health

Nobody wants to talk about the psychological impact of open-ended lockdowns of the citizens by the government. It’s because psychology pertains to INDIVIDUALS. Our tyrannical governors and government doctors don’t care about individuals. They only care about numbers, abstractions, and groups of people. In their minds, we are all cogs in a wheel. We exist to serve their narratives and models — which are always wrong, by the way. It’s exactly like Communism and Nazism were. Individuals were sacrificed — by the millions — in order to maintain and expand the narrative. We are allowing today’s equivalent of those dictators — our governors, and others — to kill us, literally.

I am surprised but pleased that Dr. Phil is speaking the truth about this. You can forget about him ever having a “cool” card again. He says, “There’s a point at which people start having enough problems in lock down that it will actually create more destruction and actually more death across time then the actual virus will itself. 250 people a year die from poverty, and the poverty line is getting such that more and more people are going to fall below that because the economy is crashing around us …”

People are literally living in prison cells. Not just for a few days or weeks. By what stretch could anyone think this is psychologically healthy? As for the “social good” — well, society is made up of individuals. A society full of now mentally disturbed, economically and interpersonally impoverished individuals cannot be good for society!

It’s NOT about public safety. Mass numbers of healthy people are not locked up just because, as individuals, they threaten the lives of others (objectively) and would violate the individual rights of others by exposing them to a life-threatening illness. People are living in prison cells because, right now, their rulers tell them they must do so, for the sake of society. It’s all based on faith, i.e., the word of our dictators who cannot and will not prove what they’re claiming. They keep citing “science”, but the only scientists they listen to are the government-employed scientists who give them numbers which prove to be wrong again, and again and again. The more these models prove wrong, the more they double and triple down on their mandates and controls. That’s precisely what Nazis and Communists did.

The mass numbers of people in lockdowns are real people. They are INDIVIDUALS. They have minds, thoughts, feelings and values. Their mental health cannot survive this. The leftists who have engineered and now work to keep this lockdown in place are the same people who want laws passed to enforce mandated sensitivity toward others. Offend a Muslim or a transgender, and you’re fined or jailed. But make the lives of absolutely everyone miserable and intolerable — including those Muslims and transgenders, by the way — and it’s a social service.

By now you must see that they don’t care about people’s minds, thoughts or feelings. If you don’t see it, then frankly there’s no hope for you. They only care about power. We are living through the most spectacular and far-reaching power grab in all of human history. Two months into it, shockingly, most of us are still tolerating it.



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