America’s Tragic Decline from “Don’t Tread on Me” to: “Governor, May I?”

You notice how we got the Green New Deal after all? The state of society now is the same as it would have been under the Green New Deal. Way less driving. Virtually no airplane travel. Massive economic slowdowns as most people stay at home. Governors are warning citizens things won’t go back to normal — NOT before a vaccine. Remember that we don’t have vaccines for most viruses. Medical science has not reached that point. At most, you get a treatment. But they’re setting the standard as a CURE. It’s all for the sake of a percentage of the population smaller than the percentage who dies from the annual flu or car accidents. Why the special treatment for one group and not another?

And they talk of “sustainability”. That’s an environmentalist term. They shake their fingers and say you must do your duty and obey orders. These are CAREER POLITICIANS determining our fate, and ordering us in every small detail of how we may spend the day. Seriously? Do you go to career politicians for moral or economic guidance for anything else? Would you place the fate of your children and grandchildren in the hands of a man or woman who happened to gain enough votes to seize the governorship last time around? These governors (Colorado and Maryland are the latest examples) emphasize there will be no return to normal, for all practical purposes … ever. And the “new normal”, as they describe it, will be a lot like now, only with a few more places open and with everyone wearing a face mask at all times. With people being fined, jailed or arrested for doing anything the Governor says they may not do today.

The governor of New Jersey actually described the Bill of Rights as “above my pay grade”. He actually said that, in an interview with Tucker Carlson. America’s motto has gone from, “Don’t tread on me” to, “Governor, may I?”

The question is no longer what makes sense. This has all been madness from the start. The only question is HOW MUCH people are willing to put up with … and for how long. Or will there be no limit?

Ayn Rand wisely wrote that reason and rationality, not freedom, are the most important things. It’s because irrational people cannot and will not embrace freedom. They don’t know what to do with freedom if they’re paralyzed by anxiety, non-existent self-esteem and other neuroses. The Coronavirus Panic is more than a demonstration of government tyranny. It’s also a demonstration of mass hysteria, fueled by an irrational and politically motivated media. Our state and local governments would not get away with any of this if most of us were not terrified to question authority, or to think critically.

We can open up the economy asap — and we must. We can and must go back to normal, in terms of what’s permitted. But even that won’t be enough if people won’t go back into the world. Our looming economic catastrophe is huge. But the underlying psychological crisis is even deeper. It’s up to each and every one of us to FIX OURSELVES.


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