Rush Limbaugh Names It

Rush Limbaugh’s one of the only people who names what’s actually happening:

“It was a three-year economic boom. And we ourselves turned it off. We ourselves shut it down,” Limbaugh lamented. “No matter where you go in the country, it’s a ghost town. It’s eerie. But underlying it all to me is just an abject fear for what this is doing to people. And then the long term changes to our country as a means of dealing with it that are being implemented and will be implemented down the line.”

[A]t the same time, aside from the president and other people like you and me out here, but in officialdom I don’t see this fear, I don’t see it reflected,” said Rush. “I don’t see the concern … from the elites, call it from the establishment or whatever. And that doesn’t make sense to me.”

“There’s a lot of talk about going back to work, lot of talk about restarting economy, but there doesn’t appear to be because every time we talk about it, then we come back with ‘And this week and a half and is gonna be the absolute worst week and a half in the history of the country,’” said Limbaugh.


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