Democrats Will Kick Americans When They’re Down — and Control Them

Economist Stephen Moore warned the nation could be “facing a potential Great Depression scenario” if the United States stays on lockdown much past the beginning of May, as well as an additional amount of deaths caused by the raised unemployment rate.

“[A]t some point soon, we’re going to have to make some real decisions about what kind of a calamity we are causing through this lockdown of our economy,” Moore told host John Catsimatidis. “I’m not saying we shouldn’t be inattentive to the public health concern — we should. … But at some point, we have to worry about what we’re doing to our society, and what kind of economy we’re going to have after this is all over.”

Exactly. It’s not just numbers. It’s basic human psychology. Businesses are made up of PEOPLE. The longer businesses stay “temporarily” shut down, the harder it will be to reopen. The more depressed people become, the less energy and willpower they will have after weeks or months have gone by with no clients, no phones ringing, no profits, no business. The more you give people open-ended “unemployment on steroids”, the easier it becomes to say, “Why work? It’s not worth the effort.” Not everyone is like this, of course. But millions are, and will become that way. We already have a de facto guaranteed minimum income, a long-time dream of leftists. Democrats will scream you can’t cut that off. In fact, they’ll scream we have to double it from $1200 a month to $2500 a month. Plus they’ll scream, “People could get sick again. Trump wants everyone to die!” Mark my words. It will happen.

Democrats are essentially Communists. They want a lot of this permanent. The longer we stay shut down, the more compelling they will sound to some, because people will be worn down, depressed and defeated. They want to exploit this, because that’s what socialists do. Democrats know that time is on their side. The longer we can keep this going, the worse off we’ll be. And then they can seize the control they never could have attained in a prosperous economy.


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