With the $2 Trillion “Stimulus”, Happy Days Are Here Again!

OK. All is well now. Stimulus checks and streamlined unemployment are coming. Help is on the way! Everything’s going to be all right. I hate to rain on everyone’s parade. But the laws of economics still apply. And psychology too. If millions of people get dependent on government checks, they’re going to need and demand more checks after several months. How many 3 trillion dollar stimulus bills can our government afford? Is there truly no limit? And what will getting this money do to the motivation and sense of personal responsibility for those getting the checks for months on end?

Most people who read my posts are highly self-responsible. Many wouldn’t take government checks even in an emergency. But most people are not like that. Most WILL take them, even reluctantly at first. But when they start to see, after months and months, that they don’t really HAVE to work, especially with these unusually generous “stimulus” and unemployment checks, how many will want to work when things open in, say, June? Or September? Or next year? How many will pressure their governors — most of whom want the economy to tank so President Trump will lose in November — to turn the lights back on? I am very concerned.

I know. Right now all is wonderful because the government has rescued the economy. I know, it’s temporary and only because of an emergency. People are not to blame for this. It’s like a war. I know the arguments. But human nature is still human nature. Are we going to repeal that too?


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