We Are NOT Going to be OK … Not On Our Present Course

“Senate Democrats’ coronavirus bailout plan could give each American $4,500”, according to Fox Business.

Is giving every single American $4,500 a good thing?

You bet! Free money! Yay! That can NEVER be a bad thing, right?

In an economy where all schools have closed indefinitely, all bars and restaurants are closed indefinitely, and most economic activity, from Wall Street to the suburbs to Main Street simply STOPS, what are people supposed to do after they have spent the $4,500?

What are they supposed to spend it ON? Clothes or supplies for school? Vacations on planes that aren’t flying? Resorts that won’t be open for the summer? At bars or restaurants, all closed until further notice? How do you spend $4,500 under a state of martial law, which the Governor of California has suggested is coming? Or under the probable lockdown coming in New York City — once the literal center of the universe? What good will $4,500 do you under martial law? Snowflake America is not ready for any of this.

It was easy to delude ourselves that money grows on trees when we actually HAD TREES. If money can come out of an almost non-existent economy, shut down thanks now to our government, then why don’t we all simply stop working and take not a mere $4,500, but a trillion dollars per person from the government? Why not? It’s America, right? Our government can do anything. Get rid of Donald Trump? Sure! Put Joe Biden in there. He will make it all happen!

Is it possible — even just a tiny bit possible — that our federal, state and local governments have overreacted to coronavirus … just a little bit? Did it really make sense to create an even bigger catastrophe in order to avoid one? What have the lockdowns and shutdowns accomplished? What good is being healthy when the collapse of the economy will soon make us all prefer not to be alive? This can’t continue.

This is madness. It’s literally psychosis. It’s madness that can no longer work even on its own terms. I am frankly speechless, at this point. People will just have to learn the hard way. There’s not much else to say.

It’s not going to be OK. Not unless we open up our economy again. The vast majority of us are still healthy, and the vast majority of the minority who get sick will get well. That’s what the FACTS tell us! Convince me that an indefinite, or even permanent shutdown of America, is warranted by what we know about coronavirus. Nobody has yet. If you’re worried about hospital beds for the flu, then let hospitals become profit centers instead of largely wards of the government. Give people tax holidays, and a break from government. Instead, we’re getting as much government as Venezuela has. And the results are going to be exactly the same. Don’t believe me? Look around.


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