The Murder of America’s Bill of Rights: More Tragic than Coronavirus

Here’s the thing. Tyrants have always been tyrants. America is no more immune to tyranny than it is to a deadly or troubling virus. Most of our elected officials have tyranny in their core. We know that now, because of how they’re acting. Read this post: “The Top Eight Most Totalitarian Proposals in The Wake of the COVID-19 Threat”. Private property is non-existent. You and I operate now with only the permission of our state governments, and the federal government too. Guns are being outlawed by executive order — New Orleans is the latest — and confiscation of guns, you can be sure, will soon be subject to executive order too, in many places. What’s to stop them? A Supreme Court ruling five years down the road? They don’t care.

It’s bipartisan. The Republican Governor of Ohio is worse than many Democrats. He’s outright ignoring court orders in his own state to restore the elections he’s banning. HE is the government; there is no other branch of government in Ohio. We give these tyrants-in-waiting the message, by tolerating or even supporting them, that it’s OK TO STEP OVER SACRED BOUNDARIES.

The Third Amendment (Google it) is under attack now, not just the First and Second. California will lead the way in repealing our entire Bill of Rights. This is a real threat. Given the facts of coronavirus, which is a threat, the threat to our freedom is now worse. They claim it’s temporary but they don’t put any objective time limit on it. Americans are letting it all happen. Half of us are timid, and the other half probably WANT it. So we’re going to get what we deserve. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

For the people’s health? Of course health is important. That’s why we need doctors and scientists who are FREE to do their thing. With what’s happening now, nobody is going to be free again for awhile. Maybe ever. If that sounds shrill or paranoid, then ask yourself this question: When was the last time a government passed a law or government edict, even an unpopular one like Obamacare, that we were able to later get rid of?


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