Capitalism Haters Sure LOVE that Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer

It’s amazing. The very same people — especially in Blue States — who vote for socialism, again and again, are the ones who flock to the store in a wild, CNN-driven or MSNBC-driven panic to stock their own shelves with warehouse quantities of meats, sanitizer and toilet paper. They HATE capitalism. But they sure love and count on it when they’re in a panic.

Without the profit motive, there would be no reason for providers of goods to get those goods to market, and try to keep up with the demand. That’s CAPITALISM. Not-for-profit government employees would never get those shelves stocked again. Do these leftist voters see their contradiction? Will their professors, celebrity heroes, or news networks ever call them on it? Not a chance. Cluelessness is unsustainable, and with the coronavirus hysteria now so widespread, America may be reaching the climax of its contradictions.



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