We’re Shutting Down America … to Avoid Shutting Down America?!

We’re closing restaurants, grounding planes, shutting churches and canceling literally EVERYTHING. So what’s next? If people cannot be allowed to breathe around each other, surely health clubs must close. And grocery stores. And drug stores, right? Pharmacies, for sure. And doctor’s offices. Dentists can’t be permitted near patients. Nor patients near their dentists! And hair stylists. According to our current reasoning, literally EVERYTHING will have to cease.

I thought the whole point was NOT to become Italy. Why do we not want to be like Italy? Because Italy completely shut down. So to AVOID completely shutting down…we are completely shutting down.

Our Governors and career politicians are the least morally and intellectually qualified people we know of; yet they are the ones we are entrusting with bringing our civilization to a complete halt. I hate to break it to you: Politicians are scared. They don’t know what to do. They’re arbitrarily and wildly shutting down everything in sight because they are scared.

Who needs Bernie Sanders? In a matter of days, the combination of unbridled idiocy and unchecked media panic will bring us to something resembling a Communist country, on our current course of madness. I have worked in mental hospitals. Nothing in those settings ever prepared me for the insanity of coronavirus America.


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