Communist or Buffoon? Make Your Choice, Democrats

Joe Biden is on top of the world right now. He’s measuring the drapes for the White House, and his son Hunter is paying someone to get nice sheets for the Lincoln Bedroom. It’s like the trashy family who won the lottery, only with much bigger bank accounts.

But the Democrats have a lose-lose situation.

If Biden wins the nomination, then Bernie Sanders followers will be more furious than ever. They’re going to stay home and this will only help President Trump in the fall election, like last time.

If Bernie Sanders manages to get the nomination, it won’t be by a large margin, and the Democratic Establishment (the virtue-signaling socialists who still want a LITTLE capitalism) will either stay home, flock to Trump or even run a third party candidate like Bloomberg.

Regardless, we now know the Democratic Party is badly split. All of this can only help President Trump.

The economy is doing very well, more minority and Jewish voters are looking Republican, and President Trump knows how to fight back against the leftist media like nobody we have ever seen. Independents may be as solidly behind the President as virtually all Republicans are, and that’s a form of unity not seen since the era of Reagan.

While entitlements and spending remain out of control, most voters don’t focus on these problems (sadly). Perhaps this can point toward restoring a Republican Congress (a good one this time) and maybe doing something about the spending, which I believe President Trump (unlike any of his Republican predecessors) might be willing to do. AND more tax cuts, AND maybe some school choice. Not to mention more good court appointments to ensure our First and Second Amendments maintain a fighting chance.

Democrats are in a bad position. Both Sanders and Biden are horribly weak candidates for totally different reasons. I wonder if the DNC doesn’t know Biden is a hopeless loser who will certainly stumble badly. The man’s gaffes are legendary and he does appear to suffer from early stage dementia (we used to call it senility). Perhaps the DNC Establishment types would prefer a sacrificial lamb like Biden to a sacrificial lamb like Sanders, whose wing of the party can do them more personal damage than Biden’s will. “If we’re going to lose, let’s go down with Biden.”

Regardless: Either Biden or Sanders will drive the country into the ground faster than even Obama or Hillary could ever have dreamed. One will do it with the tyranny of a Marxist, and the other will do it with the stupid grin of a buffoon. Either way, we’re toast.

America is on the edge of a cliff, not unlike other periods of its history such as the Civil War, the start of World War II and the peak of the Cold War. It’s less obvious, because there’s so much peace and prosperity, but the dangers are truly within this time.

Yet once again, it’s entirely possible our great republic will escape the disaster so many wish to see happen to the cause of freedom. America has survived so much — even the 2008 crash and the ensuing Obama years.

Can we survive the threat that is now the Democratic socialist/buffoon movement? We shall see. America is a never-ending adventure tale. If nothing else, it’s exciting to be a part of it.



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