Joe Biden & the Sycophants in Delaware Who “Love” Him

People can be such sycophants. Even I am continually amazed. Take Joe Biden. The Bidens own a home in the Delaware town where I live. Some people are Democrats and claim to adore the Bidens. You can’t help but wonder: Would he REALLY be their hero if they didn’t share the same tiny state with him?

When possible, they don’t miss the chance for a selfie with the ex-Vice President. When he’s up in the polls, they fancy him the next President and behave as if they feel that the coolness of living near a celebrity (even such an embarrassing, hapless one) will somehow rub off on them.

Others in Delaware claim (at least in private) to be Republicans, but I notice they publicly jump at the opportunity to proclaim their love for the Bidens. I noticed that waning a bit in recent months — as Biden’s coolness started to fade — and it will be interesting to see them reverse course should Biden regain his earlier front-runner status, and possibly triumph on Super Tuesday (far from a certainty). Sycophants are a fickle bunch.

“Coolness” is such an emotionally immature motivation. Yet I understand, from years of being a therapist, that too many people have impaired self-esteem. Even so, how pitiful to depend on people like the Bidens for your sense of coolness.


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