Biden-O’Rourke: The Hug Seen Around the World

O’Rourke has called for sending law enforcement to people’s homes to confiscate their lawfully-owned firearms if they did not comply with his extremist agenda. Biden wants him in charge.


Joe Biden is going to “take care of the gun problem”, he says. What about the millions of peaceful, law-abiding citizens? What about the 2nd Amendment? What might be in store for the creepy, ancient career politician if he tries to obliterate our right to defend ourselves–mostly from tyrants like himself?

“Yikes,” remarked Trump campaign spokesman Andrew Clark.

“Joe Biden promises Beto O’Rourke, who pushed for gun confiscation for legal gun owners, will ‘be the one who leads‘ his gun control effort,” observed GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest. “2020 Democrats are unambiguous about their anti-Second Amendment agenda.”

Wrote NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin: “Biden hugging Beto going ‘You’re going to take care of the gun problem for me!’ is a thing you will see in a Republican ad someday.”

The moment was yet another headache for Biden as he struggles to appeal to gun owners.


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