“Moderate” Democrats are a Myth

So let’s see. We have the “moderates” lining up behind Joe Biden, and the socialists behind Bernie Sanders.

The “moderates” want only 75 percent of your income (those of you who work), while Sanders and AOC want 90 percent of it. Each agrees your money does NOT belong to you; it belongs to them.

Each agrees health care is a right, even if that means enslavement of doctors and the end of private health insurance. Each wants to take your guns, and will do it with or without the Supreme Court’s consent.

Each wants “hate speech” — defined subjectively, on their own terms — curbed or banned. Sanders’ campaign aide called for “gulags” for Trump supporters after they win, and Sanders has yet to denounce or fire him; Biden called Tea Party opponents of Obama’s policies “terrorists” back when he was VP.

Bernie Sanders will sign executive orders nationalizing the Internet and the electrical grid; Joe Biden will try to go through Congress first, and, if that fails, then sign an executive order doing the same thing.

Neither one has a clue that the Constitution exists to force the government to serve the people by protecting their rights to liberty. Each one will proceed as if the Constitution gives THEM the right to force YOU to work for them — and the constituents who paid them off. Each screams about the evil of wealth, while living off the perks of pull, to which they (and their loved ones) feel as entitled to as air.

In such a crazed, tyrannical movement as the Democratic Party, what the hell does “moderate” even mean?


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