Stephen King Finally Cracks Up Over Trump

Author Stephen King had an unprovoked social media hissy fit against President Donald Trump, falsely claiming that the commander in chief is illiterate and that he ranks as the dumbest of world leaders.

King took to Twitter late Friday to say that President Trump “can’t spell” and “can’t read” despite ample evidence to the contrary. The author also wrote that it’s “hard to believe there was ever a world leader as dumb as Donald Trump.” [Breitbart News]

Well let’s see, Mr. King. You once wrote brilliantly. Then you sold out, delivering trash pulp to perpetually disappointed fans. You presumably did this for the money alone, and to artificially preserve your previous celebrity. Now that well has run dry, and you embarrass yourself by virtue-signaling to brain-dead 70-something Commies and pitiful, ignorant snowflakes how much you detest Donald Trump. Wow, so original! Yet your own betrayal of yourself surpasses what you claim President Trump’s betrayal to America is. Project much? Heal thyself, sellout.


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